Cheryl K. loves to ride one of our mowers at Nature's Hideaway. After a long hot ride last July Cheryl said, "I wish I could ride my mower at home like this (meaning 'nude' of course)!" Cheryl is a true nudist as she says she never wears clothes even at home. She says she even gardens in her back yard in the nude...Go Cheryl



Hello, my name is Kindi (my friends call me Eve, as in 'Adam and Eve' because I love being nude all the time), and I am a life-long nudist. You will see me here on this web site for Nature’s Hideaway Nudist Resort. I am a Ph.D., and I teach at a leading University. I also promote nudism on campus, on TV and in ads and film. I helped Nature’s Hideaway Nudist Resort in the beginning by promoting a family-friendly nudist resort for this area. I want to continue helping Nature’s Hideaway Nudist Resort by making a special request to you to make a gift contribution. Please read the letter below, and consider making your gift contribution to help us ensure family-friendly nudism continues to prosper and grow.

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Dear friends and supporters of NATURE’S HIDEAWAY NUDIST RESORT,

We have an urgent request: If you believe in family-friendly nudism and want to see nudism prosper and grow in America, partly through educational web sites such as this one, then we are asking you to help NATURE’S HIDEAWAY NUDIST RESORT and this web site. To protect our independence, we will never run ads on this web site. We survive on gift contributions averaging about $15. Only a tiny portion of our readers give, but we desperately need more participation. Now is the time that we ask you to give. If everyone reading this request right now gave just $3, our fundraiser would be done for this year within an hour. That's right; the price of a cup of premium coffee is all we need from everyone who believes in our message about the benefits of family-friendly nudism. If you find this web site informative, educational, useful and enjoyable, please take one minute to keep it online and ad-free. We are small and non-profit, with the costs of a top level website. We serve millions of nudists worldwide, but we must survive on a fraction of what other top web sites cost. NATURE’S HIDEAWAY NUDIST RESORT’s web site is something special...It is like a nudist library or a nudist park where we can all go to learn about the health benefits, both mental and physical, and the absolute fun of nudism. The NATURE’S HIDEAWAY NUDIST RESORT’s web site is written by volunteers with a passion for spreading knowledge about family-friendly nudism. Please help us by contributing to NATURE’S HIDEAWAY NUDIST RESORT’s web site so we can continue to tell the wonderful story about family-friendly nudism around the world.

Become a partner in promoting family-friendly nudism...make a gift contribution today to help support Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort and this web site.

Contributors will receive from Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort a suitable for framing Certificate of Appreciation endorsed by Kindi.

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1134 CR 1701

OSAGE, OK 74054

Thank you!


For information and reservations, call 918-740-5125


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