Kindi ('Eve' is a nickname she was given by her family and friends because she's always nude...always) said she has been a nudist since childhood. Kindi has a Ph.D., and teaches at a university near Tulsa, OK. Kindi says she loves to enjoy nudism at home and at various nudist resorts and beaches. Kindi says that she even likes to drive in the nude while on long car trips. Kindi laughingly says, "If it weren't for bad weather and bad people, we could all go nude all of the time." We only wish!!

Kindi doesn't let a little Spring rain keep her from hiking one of the walking trails at Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort. A nude walk outdoors in a warm spring shower? ABSOLUTELY!!


Wouldn't it be nice if we could live our lives nude just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? It is possible to enjoy weekends with your friends and family relaxing totally nude at Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort. Bring the entire family, and relive a time when the human body was completely accepted without body shame.

Put nudism at Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort on your bucket list for 2017!! And remember we're family friendly...




Nature’s Hideaway is a retreat with a variety of amenities and activities. The secluded Nudist haven has a heated swimming pool, volleyball court, horseshoes, sunning deck, hiking trails, pond, picnic area, an area for outdoor cooking, a rental RV and our new kitchen/dining room, which is complete with pool table, TV and reading area. A non-nudist boat ramp is located nearby for lake activities (nude when away from other people).

Nature’s Hideaway is a perfect place to add fun to your relationship. If your objective is a totally relaxed and fun getaway, the RV, swimming pool, sunning deck, hiking trails and pond are so secluded that you may go completely nude. If you have never tried Nudism, it’s the experience of a lifetime, and is one of the fastest growing vacation choices for couples around the world.

The owner/operators of Nature’s Hideaway know how to make you feel right at home, while still providing you plenty of privacy and relaxation. If you want to experience a rare blend of nude relaxation and a panoramic view of Mother Nature’s rich tapestry, Nature’s Hideaway is the right getaway for you.

Young female college professor (Ph.D.) tells why she loves nudism!

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We have a beautiful day room/kitchen facility. The day room serves our nudist friends with a full kitchen equipment, nudist library, pool table and TV area. There is a 'gas' fireplace to use when the weather is cool outside. We truly hope you enjoy this great new facility.

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