Ian & Sarah enjoy the viewing area overlooking some of the beautiful Osage hills.

Ian & Sarah are college students, and enjoy Nature's Hideaway during the Summer season.

Amy enjoys the new swings (above) and the new bike trails. 1-1/2 miles of trails have been cut through our 33-acres for running, hiking, ATV's and mountain bike riding.


How's this for a daring nudist "activity!?"

Eve took a nude escalator ride at a major hotel in Houston, TX making the statement, "What's wrong with simply being nude !?"

Good question Eve!

We see nothing wrong with simply being nude...

in fact we believe the nude human body is beautiful and is created without shame!!!


One of the girls enjoys riding in the boat on Lake Keystone the way nature intended...

Nude of course !!

Perhaps Keystone Lake should be clothing optional!


We thought this is a fun picture pretending as if Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort had existed since the 1950's. This reminds us that family nudism has been around in America for a long time, even before the 1950's. Well before this picture was taken, nudism had come to America mostly from German influence in the 1920's. Nudism is a natural thing for people to enjoy, so why is it such a huge secret? Come on America, lets openly enjoy the fun and benefits of family-friendly nudism at Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort!



Nature’s Hideaway is a retreat with a variety of amenities and activities. The secluded Nudist haven has a heated swimming pool, volleyball court, horseshoes, sunning deck, hiking trails, pond, picnic area, an area for outdoor cooking, a rental RV and our new kitchen/dining room, which is complete with pool table, TV and reading area. A non-nudist boat ramp is located nearby for lake activities (nude when away from other people).

Nature’s Hideaway is a perfect place to add fun to your relationship. If your objective is a totally relaxed and fun getaway, the RV, swimming pool, sunning deck, hiking trails and pond are so secluded that you may go completely nude. If you have never tried Nudism, it’s the experience of a lifetime, and is one of the fastest growing vacation choices for couples around the world.

The owner/operators of Nature’s Hideaway know how to make you feel right at home, while still providing you plenty of privacy and relaxation. If you want to experience a rare blend of nude relaxation and a panoramic view of Mother Nature’s rich tapestry, Nature’s Hideaway is the right getaway for you.


We at Nature’s Hideaway Nudist Resort are receiving more and more inquiries from young people in their teens and 20's about family-friendly nudism. Surprisingly, almost half of the phone calls we receive are from young women. Nudism is an absolutely legitimate leisure activity, and is practiced around the world by men and women, boys and girls numbering in the millions. We think young people are finally catching on to what is and has been a wonderfully fun and healthy way of living…nude as nature intended (the cartoon above says it all)!

Amy D. (left-3) enjoys volleyball, the pool table and the swimming pool. Amy is the daughter of ministers and fell in love with nudism. Amy says, "Nude is the way God meant us to be; I'm not ashamed of my body."

Eve (right-1) enjoys nude water skiing on Keystone Lake, and the sail boaters didn't seem to mind. Eve has a Doctor's Degree (nutritionist) (she teaches at a university near Tulsa), and she loves being nude. Eve says, "I never wear any clothes at home, and I never have. When I was growing up, running around the house and sometimes in the back yard totally nude, my parents finally accepted the fact that I must be a nudist. Sometimes I even drive all the way across Oklahoma in the nude from my parent's home in western Oklahoma to my teaching job; it's just more comfortable and fun being nude. Sometimes people see me driving nude; mostly the truckers, and they love it! Being 5' 2", I'm low enough in my Jeep that most drivers can't see me from the neck down; or if they do they don't seem to mind. I wish we lived in a world where the nude human body was openly accepted as a natural thing of beauty! I would love to teach <nude> to a totally nude classroom...It just seems so natural being nude; it's a wonderful feeling."

Amy and another couple enjoy horse shoes at Nature's Hideaway, and Amy even helps keep the grass controlled on our 33-acres by driving our tractor/brush hog...Nude of course!



Nature's Hideaway Nudist Resort will be open every third weekend from May until the end of October.

For information and reservations call;



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